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Thank you fans, friends and family.


released May 21, 2018

This album features the talents of:
Greg Wadden
Jason Szeto
Patrick Shea
Paul Nickerson
Grant Mitchell
Neal Read
and Miroslava Kavgic

Recorded and Mixed at Compact Audio Recording Studios, Dartmouth, NS by Jimmy Perez-Torres
Mastered at Soundpark Studios, Sydney, NS by Jamie Foulds


all rights reserved



Right On Yukon Halifax, Nova Scotia

Right On Yukon are:
Greg Wadden
Jason Szeto
Patrick Shea
Grant Mitchell
Miroslava Kavgic
Paul Nickerson
Neal Read

Cameron Lawrence
Chance Gillis
David Bradshaw
Sylvie Dumont
Mo Kenney

Nic Orengo
Tom MacGillivray
Luke MacGillivray
Adam White
Dave Connors
Joey Melanson
Calen Kinney

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Track Name: Homesteaders
Shapes the earth with his work-nicked hands
all he ever wanted was to be your man
the wife said ‘Oh, Dad, you miss so much
but if you lose the land, you'll lose my touch
every time we try to get a little ahead
we fall behind the family's grocery debt
the railroad is comin with eminent domain
they'll steal the land, burn the grain

The dull whine of his worries

The warm silence of his grandson's pickup
worn old tools, a scuffed rifle butt
these days they drive him down to despair
condition of his fences, disrepair
why have a horse and feed, when you can buy an ATV?
why have a home at all if you don't want me?
the pipeline is coming with eminent domain
they'll spill on the land, spoil the grain

The dull whine of his worries

Shareholders get just what they want
a good return on their investment stock
land's gonna get just what it needs
progress and industry just you wait and see
smokestacks and machines working overtime
and wages are so low you'll never keep a dime
a sky so dark you'll never see the signs
the power in a song when the stars align
Track Name: Trade
I've seen your men
come and go
some say it's obscene
there's a line you gotta tow

Well I disagree
at least when it comes to me
the lines long gone
past misery

Well she'd like to trade
her heart for yours
so she could know
how to rip it apart

Ya who knows
ya where we'll go
ya all I know
ya make me move in slow-mo

I'd like to trade
my ears for yours
so I could sing in key
not have to worry anymore

'bout what I said
ya where you went
is it true
you pronounced our love
Track Name: Billy Club
Whose street? Our street!

Fascists had billy clubs
broken glass and rocks
they all wore neat uniforms
one colour tall

They picked their favourite authors
and they burned all the rest

The police have billy clubs
thick plastic shields
they're gonna lock you away boy
this time for real

Its getting hotter than a kettle
and my eyes are gonna melt

The cops know the firefighters
their twelve ton trucks
high pressure hoses
the state don't give a fuck

At least it ain't the army,
ya boy ain't civilization fun?
ain't it fun?

Cavemen had billy clubs
found in their graves
tragedy intertwined
with the whole human race

You see that field?
well we're gonna burn it down
Track Name: The Ballad Of The Tar Pond Twins
They hated school
they hated all the tools
they even hated each other
just like two brothers
what's a punch in the face?
you're still alive there ace
there ain't no bonds in this war
so there's the door

Maybe hold up a liquor store
make your ex-girlfriend a whore
making all the kids scream in the club
feelin all that love
well love's just a drug
ya one hit ain't enough
addiction so sweet
it’ll make your heart weep

The ballad of James and Phil
the two twins doin' ill
in James' mind was Phil's eye
as he said his last goodbye
Track Name: Haunted
I'm oil ya she's water
when we mix well it's
a slaughter

My heart was hers
because she wants it
she says we're more than just friends
and I am haunted

Your actions have consequences
equal and opposite
in all directions

My heart was hers
but she lost it
you're messin' around with too many men baby
and you're haunted

My heart is hers
because she wants it
she says "well we're just friends"
and I am haunted

I'm oil, she's water
we're wasting all of our time
so why bother?

My heart belongs to no one
ya they can't have it
so that's when I'll look to you baby
well you can have it
Track Name: Woman
Black sheep are putting me to sleep
and white gloves don't carry no love
all the taxi cabs are running out of gas
and the oil wells, they burnt down and fell

Into the sea with you and me baby

Woman, whatcha doin to me?
woman, put it out there for everyone to see
won't you make up your mind?
gonna leave ya behind

Your eyes are looking straight through me
well I hope you like what you see baby

Well I built a quantum alarm clock, it could talk
ten seconds to midnight, "hey alright!"
well you don't fall, you stumble
so when in doubt baby just mumble

So when will I see you with me baby?

Woman, whatcha doin to me?
woman, put it out there for everyone to see now
won't you make up your mind?
gonna leave ya behind

Your eyes are the palest green
your mind's as dirty as me

So let's go back to my home

Packed up the car, we headed west
through the woods of New Brunswick, Montreal, and all the rest
well where ya supposed to go, worst case Ontario?
the rocky mountains
and the great Pacific Ocean
Track Name: Cadillac
We drove through the woods at a 140 clicks
ya you weren't with us when we rolled into the ditch
my friend Arthur stole my pack of smokes
and all he left was a ten note

I saw the man with the cigarette
singing about a girl in a black dress
yeah he played a tune the best
about his broken down old Cadillac

Broken tractors in abandoned fields
how's a sober old drunk supposed to feel?
his dusty records sit by the mantelpiece
haven't been played since Hank Williams died 1953

I saw the man with the cigarettes
singing about this girl in his lap
and I saw the man in black
singing about his broken down Cadillac

Broken tractors in overgrown fields
how's a derelict old farm house supposed to feel?
women can be cold this I know
but I hear you reap what you sow

And I saw the man with the pack of matches
sayin my girl was giving lap dances
and I saw the man in black
blow his brains out in the back of that old Cadillac
found him dead in the back of that Cadillac
Track Name: Sideways
O baby
you're driving me so crazy
like a 1970
sporty Mercedes

O baby
you're driving me so crazy
o baby
you're driving me so crazy

We're driving down the highway
you're looking at me sideways
o baby
I wanna make you my lady

You drive me so crazy
Track Name: Joseph
If she's amazing she won't be easy
and if she's easy she won't be amazing
if she's worth it you'll never give up
cause if you give up well you're not worth it
if you find her could you tell her
that I miss her since forever

Some people feel the rain
others just get wet
some people make out
others just sweat

Don't even know her name I just wanna dance again
so run your fingers across the back of my neck
oh girl you don't know what you started
oh girl you're not for the faint-hearted

When it hits you it feels electric
when I miss you well i get desperate
I'll tell em things I should never share
not that anyone would wanna hear
Track Name: Troubadour
The paramour and the troubadour
they don't go skinny dipping anymore
late one night on a fresh water lake
in retrospect they claimed it was a mistake

Yeah liberty has a sharp and double edge
fit only to be handled by the just and virtuous

The troubadour and the paramour
they left their socks down at the shore
at a campfire black-flies bit their ankles
so they found a blanket and underneath let loose their shackles

Yeah liberty has a sharp and double edge
fit only to be handled by the just and virtuous

The amused and your muse
they don't dig none of your tunes
don't you worry boy no don't you fret
yeah they're not done, no, not through with you yet

Yeah liberty has a sharp and double edge
fit only to be handled by the just and virtuous

Yeah all is best although we doubt
what the unsearchable thoughts dispose
the highest mountains turn to dust
as the great oak falls so does our prose

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